Calorie burning foods


Food is known to provide calories to the body, that becomes fuel for the various metabolic functions of the body. Every food has specific character making it unique and important.

Over weight or obesity has become one of the biggest concerns of the population and this has made way to unnecessary starving to reduce the calorie intake. Well, we don’t have to punish ourselves to stay fit or reduce weight. There are certain foods that consume more calories for its metabolism than it provide to the body. Yes, certain foods do that. These foods becomes a good source of nutrients and help you burn calories, helping you to stay light and loose those extra pounds.



foods for healthy hair

Long lustrous healthy hair is what we all dream of.  But damaged hair, hair fall, dandruff problems always gives a tough time to have those flawless hair. we try out different shampoos n conditions, home remedies and spend hours time in salons to resolve our hair issues. But,  if Trying out all the shampoos from… Continue reading foods for healthy hair

6 stress busting foods

Hectic life, competition, work and responsibilities have made our life prone to stress. Stress have a negative impact on our health as it elevates our blood pressure, effect the immune system. To reduce stress, people try out different measures like watching a movie, shopping, sleeping and the most common measure eating which sometimes becomes a… Continue reading 6 stress busting foods