5 wonders of ginger


Food has been the solution to many of our health problems since ages. People has turned to food to cure or prevent diseases. Be it a major food group or just a small spice, they have proven to be a natural medicine without any side effects. Among the many spices of Indian flavor, ginger has been one such component which plays a vital role in food flavors with its pungent flavor and in maintaining good health.

Ginger which is basically a root has lot of medicinal value and some of the 5 wonders of ginger on health are:

  1. Cure for indigestion:

Ginger deals with problem of indigestion and flatulence. Due to its sialagogue action (production of saliva), movements of stomach and production of gastric juices is improved which helps in digestion of food. A small piece of ginger when consumed after meals reduces the chances of indigestion.

And not just indigestion, it reduces nausea by inhibiting the “vomiting center” in the brain that stimulate nausea. Thus, giving relieve from this constant feel to vomit.

    2.  Relieve from cold and cough:

We have always noticed our granny coming up with home remedies for our basic cold, cough etc. ginger has been a part of these remedies since ages. The Gingerol, volatile oil present in ginger is known to act as a natural cough suppressant. Extracting  1 teaspoon of ginger juice and consuming it will work its wonder on your cough and cold.

So when suffering from cold or cough choose a healthier way to cure it.

    3.   Reduces dental sensitivity:

Sensitivity has become a major concern these days for many people stopping them to consume their favorite ice-cream or hot coffee every day. People try out different measures from mouth wash to trying out different sensitivity toothpaste, just to get rid of the pain. But all these efforts usually seems to be in vein.

We have always heard that food has solution to all health problems, and yes, we do have a solution to this sensitivity problem…..GINGER

A piece of burnt ginger along with salt, when rubbed on teeth helps to reduce dental sensitivity.So no more of artificial treatments cause ginger is now the natural solution your sensitivity problems.

     4 .  Acts as antioxidant:

Ginger is known to possess antioxidant properties which is important for cell health. The role of antioxidant is to remove the free radicals from the body which are formed due to the oxidation process.

This is where the ginger plays its role as an antioxidant and remove the free radicals from the body which would otherwise lead to the death of the cell. Therefore for a healthy cell life a small piece of ginger is all you need.

Consume it raw, in form of juice or incorporate it in your food, ginger will play its role and protect the cells from free radicals.

      5.   Acts as anti-carcinogen:

Pollution and several such factors are responsible for carcinogens entering our body, if these carcinogenic cells are not removed from body, will start attacking our healthy body cells resulting cancer.

There are certain foods which have anti- carcinogenic properties to fight against these harmful carcinogens. Ginger is one such food that has anti carcinogenic property and help to detoxify our body from these carcinogens.

It has also been studied that ginger can destroy ovarian cancer cells.

These 5 benefits of ginger makes it a wonder spice and adding it to our routine will contribute for a healthy life. So whenever facing problems of indigestion, nausea, sensitivity remember ginger can beat them all………


9 thoughts on “5 wonders of ginger

  1. superr…now i hav some homeremedy for my patients with most common issue dats dental sensitivity…..👍🏻👍🏻…..very useful blog indeed… other ideas are also damm good nd useful….

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  2. Wow… its really very useful information.
    I usally use for cold and now got to know about many more benifits.thanks for sharing .looking for more from ur blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

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