6 stress busting foods


Hectic life, competition, work and responsibilities have made our life prone to stress. Stress have a negative impact on our health as it elevates our blood pressure, effect the immune system. To reduce stress, people try out different measures like watching a movie, shopping, sleeping and the most common measure eating which sometimes becomes a bit excess causing obesity. Then how do be reduce our stress level without that extra gain of calories? Well, noshing is not all that bad unless kept healthy. It’s not necessary that refined foods, heavy sugars or fried foods are the only solution to fight stress, there are certain healthy foods which helps to reduce our stress level without exceeding our calorie requirements.

Every food has a set of nutrients that has a key function to form in our body and also solve some psychological issues. There are certain foods which acts as stress busters and helps in releasing the stress reducing hormone in the body.

  1. Dark chocolate:


Dark chocolate contains more of cocoa (65%- 70%), responsible for reducing the stress hormone (cortisol) in the body. Many researches have proved chocolate to be very healthy for our health as it relaxes the blood vessels and controls your blood pressure. It balances the chemical imbalances of the body caused by stress. This is one of the many benefits of dark chocolate.

For all the chocolate lovers, stress might be just another reason to enjoy the chocolate because one bar of dark chocolate will do elevate your mood and bring down the stress.

  1. Berries:


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries are known to be rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. They bolster the immune system and helps to fight in your defense. Berries are also rich source of vitamin C, known to increases serotonin (stress reducing hormone) which will keep you calmer.

An alternate for berries could be some of the vitamin C rich foods like avocado, citrus fruits, guava etc. Choosing one of these will also have similar effects like berries on your stress.

  1. Whole grains:


Whole grains provide complex carbohydrate to the body. Complex carbohydrate also helps to elevate serotonin in our body and relieve stress. Instead binging on simpler carbohydrates and adding up some extra calories and stressing even more, it’s wiser to choose a healthier option to counteract stress. Brown rice instead of white polished rice, oatmeal, brown bread are better options to choose from when stressed.

Simpler carbohydrate are easily digested when compared to complex carbs. Stress can be defeated without disturbing your diet plan.

  1. Salmon:


These are rich source of omega 3 fatty acid, required for a healthy heart. But that’s not the end of its benefits, omega 3 is also known to reduce the stress hormone in the body and also regulate adrenaline. Tasty and healthy, a perfect combination to reduce stress.

Vegetarians can go for plant based alternatives like flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts that will provide required omega 3 and lower your stress level.

  1. Green vegetables:

images (1)

Green leafy vegetables has always been a part of a healthy life style. They have all the required good points that makes them a must in our diet. Green vegetables are rich source of folate which controls our stress hormone. Spinach which is also considered a rich source for folate contain dopamine (pleasure inducing chemical) that will lift up your mood and reduce stress.

  1. Milk:


Milk contains lactium (protein) known to reduce stress hormone and also reduces your blood pressure. Milk which is a rich source of calcium is also known to reduce stress. So don’t limit milk to just strengthen your bone as it can do much more.

These foods are a natural way to reduce your stress. Next time go for healthier options to reduce your stress level because nature has a healthier solution to your stress problem…..


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