foods for healthy hair

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Long lustrous healthy hair is what we all dream of.  But damaged hair, hair fall, dandruff problems always gives a tough time to have those flawless hair. we try out different shampoos n conditions, home remedies and spend hours time in salons to resolve our hair issues. But,  if Trying out all the shampoos from the stores and spending a fortune in salons has still not solved the problem, then there is something else you need to take care of and that’s your diet. You might have heard people say “ we are what we eat”, which is so true.  Everything you take on that plate has a great effect on your body. Choosing the right food is all you have to do to solve your hair problems. If you are stressed with mess of your tresses, and want a healthy way out then here are certain foods that can help you out to add on some hair friendly food in your diet.

  1. Egg:

Egg is a great source of nutrients that would provide a complete nutritional support to the hair. Egg is rich in protein, biotin, iron that would enhance hair growth, reduces hair fall,and also help to battle the dandruff problem.

This small shell has so many benefits hidden in it, making it a part of our  daily diet helps get those dreamy beautiful hair.

2.  Soy beans:

Soy bean is always known for Its protein content, this protein so very important for hair as low protein contribute to brittle, thin hair. Soy bean is also good source of folate which is very essential to carry oxygen to the cells in the body including hair.

So add on these healthy beans in your diet, as these little beans can contribute in great way for your efforts in healthy hair

3. Whole grains:

Whole grains are good source of selenium which helps to fight with  dandruff and prevent greying of hair. And that’s not the end, whole grains also provide vitamin B6 which prevents hair thinning and helps in production of melanin,which gives hair its color.

4. Papaya:

This is a great fruit that provide good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and phytochemicals. These nutrients enhances hair growth , prevent greying of hair . Vitamin A helps the scalp to produce healthy sebum which moisturizes you hair and scalp, this reduce the problems of dandruff and itching brought due to dry scalp. One another important nutritional chemical that are present in papaya are the phytochemicals, these are very important for healthy and lustrous hair.

This is a very important fruits that can become a very essential part of your diet for the betterment of your hair.

5. Spinach:

Spinach provides you with great source of vitamin A, folate and phytochemicals, in short almost everything you need for healthy hair. This is a very healthy vegetable which is to be included in your diet.

6. Walnuts:

This wonder nut has lot of hidden benefits for healthy and gorgeous hair. Walnuts are good source of vitamin E which has shown to provide benefit to the scalp. Walnuts are known for its omega 3 supplement. Omega 3, fatty acid helps you to get those shinny long lustrous hair. Walnuts are also good source of biotin that will contribute to hair growth.

7. Wheat grass:

Wheat grass is a healthier option to prevent greying of hair. If you are tired of those chemical hair dyes that is damaging your hair, then nature hair has provided us with a safer option.  Wheat grass juice will do its work and prevent grey hair.

8. Saw Palmetto:

Most of the middle aged men face hair fall problem. This is due to the hormonal changes that is common to happen, where the testosterone  get converted to dihydro testosterone which damage the hair follicles and cause baldness in men. well, as they say, every problem has a solution and so does the baldness. This special herb, saw palmetto is very beneficial in preventing  baldness in men as they stop this conversion process that destroy the follicle.

Many commercial industries has come up with saw palmetto supplements, and making it easy for people to get solution to their baldness.

Hair has become a major concern for people and knowing what to take to repair the damaged hair has been a bigger concern. So with this small guide, you can include all the healthy food to get those beautiful hair you have always wanted and dreamed of….


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