Weight loss myths busted

How many times do you hear a new concept for weight loss and start following it blindly because you want to lose that extra pound? Some of these myths still continue to be a part of our dietary habits; but no more, because these myths are going to be busted now, to make weight loss easy and simple.

Myth 1: Eating less is more.

Fact: weight loss doesn’t come by starving yourself. Eat as much as you want but try and choose foods that are healthy and nutrient dense. Body need calories to do the basic bodily functions and if you deprive your body from those calories then you might feel weak and am sure no one wants that. There are certain  Calorie burning foods that burns more calorie than it provides, making it a better option as they are filled with nutrients and low in calorie. Just want you would want.

        So eat, but eat healthy, include all food groups in your diet for healthy weight loss.

Myth 2: Rice has fastening carbs.

Fact: Ah! Something we so strongly believe, that people actually stay away from rice because they want to stay fit and slim down. Let me tell you, you don’t have to do that to yourself. Rice and wheat provide similar calories, but the difference being, wheat products bring early satiety than rice resulting in more rice consumption. The solution to that is very simple; include lots of vegetable fiber with rice that will bring satiety. Balance it out, it’s that simple.

Wait, did you know that rice can help you burn fat? Yes it does, Inositol present in rice has fat burning property.  So don’t freak out, instead balance out and enjoy your bowl of rice.

Myth 3: Cheese and fat are a no during weight loss.

Fact: Fat is equally important like any other nutrient. Fat combine with some of the important fat soluble vitamin like Vit A, B and E and am sure no one wants to lose such vital vitamins. When am talking about cheese, I mean normal full fat cheese and not the low fat one. But remember everything is good when in its limits, so don’t forget to measure the intake and don’t beige and go crazy over it.

 So don’t hesitate to include cheese to your Sunday brunch without worrying about gaining weight.

Myth 4: Green Tea burns fat and helps lose weight.

Fact:  Taking a cup of green tea post a heavy fattening meal will just smooth out your digestion process, it won’t melt down your fat. Green tea is great source of anti oxidant, has less caffeine and zero calories, which mean, it will help you avoid those extra coffee or tea calories. That’s all.

So take care of your meals, instead and consume green tea for its goodness.

Myth 5: Excessive exercise is the quick way to burn calories.

Fact: Exercise is the only way to burn calories, so people take it to another level to do so. Rest and workout both complement each other. The wear and tear your muscles go through during workout requires repairing. While at rest, muscles are repaired and developed. Over exercising doesn’t not show impact on burning out your fat, instead affects your muscles.

Don’t overdo. Exercise as per your requirement.


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